All dishes are food safe. Dishes must be hand washed. Do not put dishes in the microwave, stove or oven. They are not made with tempered glass.

Drop bowls are designed to be placed on a stand as shown.  They are used for tabletop placement. The diameter is 7". The ruffled edge is really neat!

Drop Bowls

Bowls are available in 5", 9" and 11" diameters. They have a flat base and are suitable for table or cabinet mounting.

Whimsical dishes are so described for two reasons. Sometimes the design is just a fun idea. But sometimes the finished shape is also just for fun.  Here a tri-oval design was made on a standard round plate mold.

Ruffled edge plates give added contour to a simple square plate design. Here is a textured single color plate but this mold also works well with our standard designs.

We make floral motif plates and bowls in all sizes and colors. This is a perfect design theme to match room decor.


Floral Plates

Whimsical Dishes

Ruffled Edge Plates

Candy dishes can have a smooth or ruffled edge and are also excellent for display on coffee or end tables. They also are neat to use as a base for votive candles and make great guest bath soap dishes.

Candy Dishes

Our platters are 12" long by 7" tall and are suitable for table placement with a flat bottom central base.  They are also excellent for mounting in a display cabinet.


Our square plates can be made in 3.5", 6", 9" and 11" sizes with a contoured bottom. These plates can also be made with either a smooth or textured surface.

Our round plates are available in 7", 9" and 11" diameters and can have either smooth or textured surfaces.

Square Plates

Round Plates