Just a few of the many chimes we have created for clients over the years.  Notice the wide array of colors, design themes and lengths available.


We love to make custom chimes! On this page are a few of the many chime designs we have created.  The simplest chimes have round rondels (top piece) with unfused glass. We make these chimes with wire connectors for long life (unlike fish line which is common on store bought mass produced chimes). The next level up is to use fused glass elements (taking away the sharp edges - the two chimes on either side of this paragraph are of this type). Finally we can produce a custom top holder as shown on the image below. 

We can make chimes of any length to suit the location where you intend to hang them. Custom beading within the wire hangers completes the design.  Let us know your color choices and the style chime you desire and we will do the rest.

Decorating Tip: These are great new home gifts!