The Process

Idea - Concept


Select Materials & Colors

Cut Glass

Lay Out Glass

Fuse Glass

Cool Down

Slump Glass

Cool Down

Ship to Customer

Daisy candle holder completed

A bowl on a dropout mold in the kiln

Applying finishing touches in the shop

Lynn sketching out a design

Custom drilling of glass blocks for manufacture

Indiana Large Kiln

Arizona Kiln

How do we make your product?

A lot goes into each and every design we create.We start with an idea which is usually followed by an artists sketch.  With the sketch in hand we select glass colors and textures to bring out the details of the design. Glass is then cut and put into place.  On some projects this glass is then fused in the kiln before a second treatment which slumps the glass into shape. A single kiln run takes anywhere from six to eight hours.This is followed by a cool down time of about six hours before the product can be removed from the kiln.If the material needs to be slumped into shape we wait 24 additional hours and then do a second kiln run. Once complete the products are carefully packaged for shipment.

We use three different kilns to manufacture the glass projects.  Two are at our Indiana studio and a third is used in Arizona. If we have the rare occasion that we don't have a kiln of sufficient size to build a project we will rent kiln space at a commercial glass facility.

Projects that require additional hands on creation time - such as chimes and lighted blocks - are completed using professional grade materials (wires, beads, hangers, ribbon...) so that your project will last for years to come. We love what we do, we care about our products, and we want you to be happy with each and every thing you get from ALGlassworks.


Kiln/products after slumping - Step 2

Kiln/products after fusing - Step 1

A few of our plate, platter, bowl & vase molds